ADVANCE: New algorithm revolutionizes shape analysis

Thanks to our novel evaluation algorithm, ADVANCE detects the drop shape reliably even in the face of severe interference such as shadows by drops dispensed close to each other.

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Insight into our ADVANCE software in four new videos

Get to know the intuitive workflow of our software on the ADVANCE page and see just how easy software control can be, even for complex tasks. We show you the convenient way of working with measuring templates, automation programs and more.

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Remote IAT – Installation and Training online

When supplying a measuring instrument, we are pleased to carry out the installation and an intensive training. For some instruments, we can offer this service online in the form of a Remote IAT (RIAT). Find out about this and other services on our new Technical Service page.

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Liquid Needle: a novel dosing technology

Watch the story of the Liquid Needle, our new, revolutionary dosing technique for contact angle measurement. The novel dosing method is a fast and exactly reproducible way of placing drops on solid surfaces with minimum kinetic energy using a very thin jet of liquid instead of a solid needle.

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  • ADVANCE software revolutionizes contact angle measurement ADVANCE software revolutionizes contact angle measurement New evaluation algorithm masters even the most difficult drop images
  • Four new ADVANCE videos Four new ADVANCE videos Insight into our intuitive software
  • Installation and Training online Installation and Training online Our new service presented on our Technical Service page
  • Liquid Needle Liquid Needle A novel dosing technology for contact angles

Advancing your Surface Science

As specialists in interfacial chemistry and the world's leading supplier of measuring instruments for surface and interfacial tension, we not only provide high quality product solutions – our offer is a combination of technology and scientific consulting. These include seminars and technical service as well as our Applications & Science Center for trainings and professional measurement services.

Our exclusive distribution network and our locations in Hamburg (Germany), the US, China, Great Britain and France allow us to provide fast, flexible support for R&D labs and in quality control throughout the world. Our expertise, precision and passion have already convinced many prestigious companies in countless industries.


KRÜSS software revolutionizes drop shape analysis for contact angle measurement

ADVANCE software with new evaluation algorithm at the European Coatings Show 2017

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Monitoring the aging and performance of cooling liquids used in machining processes

Microbubbles and foaming behavior of fresh and used cooling liquids

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