Knowledge transfer in our international seminars

For the next months, we invite you to a series of seminars on interfacial chemistry at many locations worldwide. Our experts and renown guest speakers pass on their knowledge in contact angle, surface tension, and foam analysis.

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ADVANCE for in-depth wetting analysis – watch our software video!

Comprehensive wetting and adhesion analysis including automated surface free energy measurement requires intelligent and flexible contact angle software. This is where ADVANCE enters the stage.

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SDT wins the Focus Open Silver Award 2016

The Design Center Baden-Württemberg has distinguished our Spinning Drop Tensiometer – SDT with the Focus Open Silver Award 2016. The institute presents the prestigious prize annually for products “which assume a leading position in a category as a result of exceptional design quality and innovative product solutions”.

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Liquid Needle: a novel dosing technology  – watch our video!

Watch the story of the Liquid Needle, our new, revolutionary dosing technique for contact angle measurement. The novel dosing method is a fast and exactly reproducible way of placing drops on solid surfaces with minimum kinetic energy using a very thin jet of liquid instead of a solid needle.

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KRÜSS opens own subsidiaries in China

Launch of sites in Shanghai and Beijing offering dedicated customer support with trained technical consultants and in-house service department

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  • Our Seminars in 2017 Our Seminars in 2017 Have a look at our overview of forthcoming international seminars on interfacial chemistry.
  • Wetting and adhesion analysis with ADVANCE Wetting and adhesion analysis with ADVANCE The intuitive approach to surface wettability
  • Focus Open Silver Award 2016 Focus Open Silver Award 2016 Renowned design prize for our interfacial tension measuring instrument
  • Liquid Needle Liquid Needle A novel dosing technology for contact angles
  • KRÜSS in China KRÜSS in China Dedicated customer support with trained technical consultants and in-house service department

Advancing your Surface Science

As specialists in interfacial chemistry and the world's leading supplier of measuring instruments for surface and interfacial tension, we not only provide high quality product solutions – our offer is a combination of technology and scientific consulting. These include seminars and technical service as well as our Applications & Science Center for trainings and professional measurement services.

Our exclusive distribution network and our locations in Hamburg (Germany), the US, China, Great Britain and France allow us to provide fast, flexible support for R&D labs and in quality control throughout the world. Our expertise, precision and passion have already convinced many prestigious companies in countless industries.


KRÜSS software revolutionizes drop shape analysis for contact angle measurement

ADVANCE software with new evaluation algorithm at the European Coatings Show 2017

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Focus seminar on adhesion with Dr. Kash Mittal

Course on Adhesion Science and Technology in the KRÜSS Applications & Science Center

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